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Welcome to the revamped Carte Blanche internet booking site!

We’ve re-enabled hair bookings, however, while we attempt to transition through to a truly seemless experience, we are accepting “requested bookings” only and do not offer instant confirmations.

If you are new to Carte Blanche and unfamiliar with our pricing system and so on, please also look at the tips provided further below.

Email Settings

The system will generate and send 1) A request confirmation email, followed, after manual checking by our reservation team, by 2) A booking confirmation or denial email.

So that you properly receive these emails, in the customer interface, please keep the first two email boxes checked. If you wish to not receive our direct emails, please uncheck the last “News and promos” box.

Also, while there is a check box option, SMS notifications are currently not offered outside of North America.

Staff Requested and Non-Requested Bookings

The booking system recognizes two types of bookings.

  1. Non-Requested bookings : First choose “Anyone” and proceed to your booking. You will be asked to pick a slot attached to a specific staff and receive a booking confirmation with the staff name on it, however, so long as you choose “Anyone” at the outset the system will recognize it as a non-requested booking. For such bookings, our reservation team may without prior notice change the allocated staff, or upgrade to a senior staff without additional charge.
  2. Staff Requested bookings: Choose your favourite technician from the start. The system will recognize this as a requested booking and will lock in your appointment with your chosen technician.

As this affects pricing, if unsure, you can leave a simple memo like “I am ok with any staff” or “Request Staff Name”.

Nail & Lash Removals

Please remember to add removal add on if you require removal of:

Nail – Soft gel, hard gel, acrylic

Lash – remaining lashes for first time visitors (i.e. other store removal) or for a fresh new set for repeat visitors

Changes, cancellations and reconfirmations

We do not accept changes and cancellations online. For changes and cancellations please call in or WhatsApp us before 18:00 the day prior to your booking. Thereafter late cancellation charges arise so please ensure to contact us.

Also for first time web bookings we will still contact you the day prior to reconfirm your booking. For second time onwards our reservation team will not contact you, instead relying on the automated email reminder.

Your registered name

To protect your personal information we add to your name a code such as A#12. As this is an important identifier for your counseling forms and customer visit notes, please do not tamper with it. If we’ve misspelt your name let us know and we’ll fix it right away!


If you require any assistance, whether because you have trouble finding your desired menu or you’re not sure how to navigate the web booking system, please call or WhatsApp us!