Nail & Lash Special Promotion for May & June

Our nail & lash special promotion that will run every day from May 1 to June 30! This is available to both regular and new customers (^3^)

As this is a limited-staff promotion please mention “This month’s Special Promotion” at the time of booking.

Gel Nail Course

Great for people who can’t do or don’t enjoy a lot of nail art, and for busy people!

This limited soft gel menu that includes cuticle care gets you out the door in 1.5 hours even if you need soft gel removal.

You can choose from 5 patterns below and 10 colours!

Mani gel course including Japanese cuticle care for just $500! It’s amazingly cheaper than our single colour menu

■Nanako will look after you, and if Nanako is unavailable, Choya will look after you!

■Please also check other conditions at the end of the article.

Eyelash Extension Course

Regular customers can enjoy this promotion too, but it’s a great entry point for our new customers who want to try eyelash extensions out for the first time.

NEW SET Single Lash 100 strands $1100 → $900

NEW SET Single Lash 120 strands $1200 → $950

NEW SET Volume Lash 100 bundles $1300 → $1000

Also you can add on the 3-step treatment for $150 (standalone price $250)

■Promotion is limited to the above three eyelash extension menus

■Pauline will look after you


Promotion conditions

■Please mention “This month’s special promotion” at time of booking.

■For first time customers other store removal of soft gel normally $200 → free, hard gel normally $400 → $200 and lashes normally $200 → free.

■For regular customers removal of Carte Blanche nails/lashes are free (other store removal is regular price).

■Promotion on every day till June 30.

■Can use Point Package for payment.