Friend Referral Promotion

Hello to all our Carte Blanche customers!


Thank you for your continued patronage!

Today we have good news for customers who introduce their friends♪


Both the referrer and friend gets to pick a present!


The referrer can choose one of the three gifts below!

・1 Utowa Eye Colour + 1 Utoco Deep Sea Therapy mist (50ml)

・50% off Shellac or Soft Gel nails (available weekends, no staff designation)

・Free Scalp Care  (shampoo & blow dry not included)


Your friend first of all enjoys the First Time Trial offer for new customers, getting 20% off on weekdays for any menu. In addition, he/she gets to choose one of the five gifts below!

・1 Utoco Deep Sea Therapy mist (50ml)

・1 Utowa Eye Colour

・A set of mini Shampoo & Treatment

・Pen-type travel nail oil

・Free Scalp Care  (shampoo & blow dry not included)


For the free Scalp Care we recommend to add on to your Hair Cut to avoid separate Shampoo & Blow Dry charges. It’s a unisex menu very popular with our male customers too!


※We will ask for the referrer’s full name or phone number for our records.

※The promotion is valid to December 13.